BrightEdge Slaps Some Social Into SEO


socialsearchADOTAS – TagMan published an interesting case study last week in eConsultancy suggesting that organic search and social media are highly undervalued as marketing tools (while SEM is riotously overvalued) — but imagine the power if you combined social and SEO…

Could mankind safely wield such marketing prowess?

BrightEdge is integrating social signals into its enterprise-class SEO platform to identify prime social opportunities as well as social media strategies that positively effect organic search rankings.

Analysis of Facebook Likes and tweets will appear in BrightEdge’s dashboards and insights, and will also be integrated into the BrandSafe Link Audit Program, which can sniff out black hat SEO tactics

“The million dollar question is how to tie everything ‘social’ to ROI,” said BrightEdge CEO Jim Yu. “With these capabilities, brands can derive additional measurable ROI from their social media activities and make sure that their message breaks through the massive amount of social content that is created every day.”


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