Bizo Opens Up B2B Audience Marketing Platform


audience_smallADOTAS – Want those healthy B2B professionals without the fattening cookies? Well, come on down to Bizo for the official launch of the Bizo Audience Marketing Platform.

Yes, Bizo maintains data on 85 million U.S. business professionals, 80% of the country’s business community, which it breaks down into demographic segments it calls Bizographics. You want to target your business offering to somebody at the C-level in the semiconductor industry? Well, Bizo will fix you up with a real good audience.

And check this out: if a visitor comes to your marketing site via any channel, wanders around a bit and then leaves, later on he/she can receive personalized display ads tailored to the product or services he/she showed interest in. That’s right — it’s retargeting for the B2B set.

In addition, the Bizo Audience Marketing Platform also offers deep campaign analytics and optimization tools as well as access to its business professional network. In particular, analytics tools assist in demographically analyzing from a business perspective the uniques already coming to your site.

“So much of a marketer’s efforts and investments are wasted because they are based on guesswork and validated with rudimentary analytics that only measure clicks,” said Chris Mann, Bizo director of product management. “Audience marketing is the key to higher impact, efficient marketing and Bizo makes this a reality through precision reach and measurement of business audiences from a marketer’s or publisher’s site to anywhere they travel across the web.”


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