Answers Served: Jumptap’s New VP of Sales Hand


jaredADOTAS – Less than a quarter into the new year, mobile ad network Jumptap has already added 23 new employees to its team, including Jared Hand, who has spent time in the vice president of sales’ chair for both Gorilla Nation and Clear Channel. Now he’ll take on the same role at Jumptap, so we decided to get his take on the differences between selling online and mobile as well as the near future of the mobile space.

ADOTAS: What attracted you to the mobile arena?

HAND: Mobile is the most exciting medium right now and it is evident by the massive share of the U.S. population that is now using wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets. Consumers are using their mobile devices for everyday activities including news, banking, texting, engaging with their social networks, gaming and more. Personally, I see so much potential in mobile marketing that I wanted to be part of this tremendous growth opportunity.

How do you think mobile sales will differ from your previous online efforts? How will they be the same?

In many respects they are the same as they need to be both customer focused and advertiser focused. As sales professionals we have to be able to zero in on accomplishing our clients’ marketing objectives and understand how to impact consumer behavior. The main difference with mobile is really how personalized the medium can be. True one-to-one experiences will be realized on mobile devices, that until now, could never be attained via any other medium.

What can you tell us about the explosive growth at Jumptap – what are the near- and long-term goals? Will you be further building out the sales team in the immediate future?

Jumptap has been a leader in mobile from the early days and mobile is in the DNA of the company. As the industry continues to evolve and change, Jumptap is very well positioned to continue to be at the forefront of the mobile ad industry. We are just starting to see where the industry can go.

Jumptap will continue to focus on developing and driving the one-to-one communications that help marketers reach individuals and build programs that positively impact the user experience. Our organization will continue to evolve to meet the needs of marketers.

How do you think the independent mobile networks are faring against their “major-label” competition like Quattro and AdMob? What advantages do independent have in this battle?

Jumptap is doing very well in the marketplace and we are proud of where we stand. Having multiple companies push the envelope is good for the entire industry, however being independent allows Jumptap to be nimble and move quickly. As a company we have fewer barriers to innovation as we are not saddled with broader corporate contraints. We are designed to move fast, adjust to new trends and embrace change as the industry grows and matures.

Jumptap’s growth has been explosive and we’re seeing exponential gains. This is great time for the industry and I am excited to be on board with Jumptap.

What in the mobile ad network biz is in dire need of improvement? How is Jumptap approaching this?

Currently there is very little standardization across platforms, operating systems, device makers, etc. If you look at the wired web, there is standardization and it is really one platform. That does not exist in mobile and may be hindering some growth. For the overall life cycle of the industry, we are still very early and very young.

Standardization is important, but we also need to continue to educate marketers, agencies, and advertisers about what their needs are in terms of the platform and deliver products that help the marketers while always keep the consumers needs in mind.

Do you see consolidation coming to the mobile display sector, or is there still room for so many operators?

I think that consolidation will come, but there will still be room for many operators. Some players in the market may team up and new companies will emerge, which will spark more acquisitions. The mobile ad industry will experience a state of constant growth and contraction. We can also envision traditional media companies entering the space. I don’t see the volume of players in the space shrinking any time soon, but there will be consolidation and innovation.


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