AdSpam Algo Kicks Long-Tail Spam Off Blekko


spamADOTAS – I’m doubtful that an algorithm can judge something as subjective as quality content, but an algorithm can certainly be used to scrape off the obvious crap (perhaps the “low-clinging crap”?).

Through AdSpam, a new machine-learning algorithm that examines multiple spam signals including page content, Blekko has labeled 1.1 million domains spam and banned them from the results of its social search engine. Last month Blekko booted the top 20 content farms determined by their slash-tag concocting user base — these included Expert Village, eHow and ChaCha.

The AdSpam technology will be used to evaluate page before it can appear in Blekko search results. Interestingly, Blekko notes that a solid sign that a page is junk is “aggressive participation in self-service online advertising networks” — pages with little content and a slew of self-service ads get the worst marks from AdSpam’s algorithm.

“With this update, we’re reaching much further down the long tail of spam to improve the quality of our index,” CEO Rich Skrenta said. “We’re combining algorithms with community to improve the future of web search.”

Since the launch of its slash-tag powered, human-curated social search engine last November, Blekko has introduced the Spam Clock — which led to the entertaining and pyro-rific Burning Spam celebration — a mobile app and publisher tools. The company also teamed up with programming Q&A resource Stack Overflow, which recently changed its name to Stack Exchange and garnered $12 million in funding.


  1. After 16 years on-line, before Google and before Blekko were even visions of investors dollar signs dancing in the minds of Palo Alto undergrads, our hard working (and underpaid) team at The Auto Channel was breaking new ground and making a living by publishing automotive information and entertainment…

    Back then when spam was something people without(good)taste would serve for dinner, and traction was what you hoped your cars tires would provide, The Auto Channel’s writers and editors were creating car and truck news, reviews, software, video streaming and databases for the new (and we mean new) medium, and was able to attract a large enough audience and sell enough advertising to support our eating and living needs.

    Since 1995 we have been publishing Content which is what we always believed was king…content that was original, content that was syndicated, content that was reviewed and quoted… all automotive, and all relevant for our viewers…

    And now here comes another cutely named money pit search engine start-up… with all the answers…

    Well not so fast buddy…it seems wrong to us to have The Auto Channel content including the web’s best Car and Truck Review Interface and Library to not show up on Klekko when a query is made to find 2011 car reviews…Yahoo and Bing has our Review page ( in the top 5, Google even with the “throw the baby out with the bath water” improvements lists our page at number 8…but it NEVER shows up on Schmekko. WTF…

    With all of these “smart guys and gals” in the search world trying to make things better for users they better make sure that they allow publishers who Have-To Be profitable to be able to publish content for the search engines to search…

    Ooops sorry I have to run an end event beckons.

  2. And another thing.. when viewers search for 2011 car reviews they are looking for a placee that lists and links to the specific review they are looking for… Blekko returns a list of hundreds of reviews of specific cars.. talk about returning non-useful or relevant responses…where is Watson when we need it???

    Thanks for letting me Loop you in


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