Wunderground Redesign Woos Advertisers


snowflake.jpgADOTAS – Early spring, the groundhog proclaimed, and we New Yorkers snorted as we slipped and slided our way through an ice storm. People in Chicago were too snowed-in to comment.

Groundhog Day also marked the launch of the redesigned Wunderground (short for Weather Underground) site, the self-proclaimed David facing The Weather Channel’s Goliath. Wunderground is looking to build its user base of 21 million and 18,000 personalized weather stations.

Advertisers will be intrigued that Wunderground partnered with Nielsen Claritas to offer Nielsen @Plan Profile Points to offer audience targeting by zipcode, as well as Quantcast for hypertargeted audience segmentation.

In addition, the weather site has hooked up with dynamic creative specialists Dapper to offer exclusive targeting based on local weather conditions. That’s right, the technology will enables advertisers to promote products based on the weather — I think people in Chicago might be interested in snow blowers…


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