W3C Dubs Microsoft’s Tracking Protection an Internet Standard


armor.jpgADOTAS – Well, if the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) likes it, it must be good — I mean those guys are the international standards organization of the web and they’re responsible for HTML5. Also, founder and head Sir Tim Berners-Lee thinks Facebook will kill us all… Or something like that.

Microsoft’s “Tracking Protection” feature introduced in Internet Explorer 9 RC has been accepted as an Internet standard for protecting consumer privacy by the W3C.

Tracking Protection allows users to filter their Internet ad experience by selecting multiple lists of ad-serving URLs labeled “allow,” “block” or “neutral”  The initial lists were provided by TRUSTe, Abine, Adblock and PrivacyChoice.

Dean Hachamovitch, Microsoft corporate vice president for Internet Explorer, says the W3C’s embrace of IE9’s Track Protection is a strong move towards advancing an industry standard in regards to consumers communicating their tracking preferences to publishers and websites, as well as guarding themselves from those that disregard their wishes.

“Enabling consumers merely to express their intent to not be tracked is just not sufficient,” he writes. “It’s a subset of what effective tracking protection should do. IE9’s Tracking Protection also enables consumers to block the content that does the tracking.”


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