Urban Airship Gives Mobile App Marketers a Push


app.jpgADOTAS – Don’t push me — push a notification to a mobile user. Mobile app push notification infrastructure firm Urban Airship — which also enables m-commerce, in-app subscriptions and analytics — is looking to give marketers a hand with their new Push Composer and Reports tools for mobile app campaigns.

The multiplatform Push Composer offers mobile marketers a web-based dashboard for building, amending and launching mobile messaging campaigns based on real-time in-app push notifications that are delivered to users whether or not they are using the app. The tool will also allow marketers to send targeted messages to groups of users based on location, devices, frequency of app use and more.

Reports will offer actionable data on user interaction with apps — and by extension the brand behind the app — as well as user response to mobile messaging campaigns.

“The time for experimentation on mobile has passed,” said Urban Airship CEO Scott Kveton. “We’re giving companies the tools they need to build revenue and meet business goals on mobile with our mobile services platform. With the release of Reports and Push Composer, we’re delivering the full spectrum of tools apps need to engage, monetize, scale and track results.”


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