Tumblr Gets Explorative, Organized

Inplace #2

tumblrADOTAS – A New York Times article over the weekend claiming that blogging is dying as Facebook grows stronger drew mounds of criticism from — you’ll never believe this — the blogging community and Internet tech writers for being way off base. There actually seemed to be more evidence in the story that the blogging world is running strong — perhaps the writers should have glanced at Technorati’s recent State of the Blogosphere.

I think the story missed the point — the old share-everything-including-bodily-functions blogger has abandoned LiveJournal for the comforts of Facebook, while hobbyists and small businesses reign the space. Also, many blogs have made the leap into journalism outlets.

One of the more interesting observations by the NYTimes was that LiveJournal is reorganizing to become more community-oriented and upstart social network Tumblr is at heart a blogging platform. Indeed, the latter seems the best of both worlds, which explains its growing popularity among Internet users and venture capital firms.

The Tumblr team has been racing to exploit its hype via a slew of curation upgrades. After introducing topic pages at the end of last year, the team has added the Explore page, which organizes posts with popular tags by category. On top of the page is the resurrected Tumblr Wire visually highlighting top trends and tags, and users can choose to track various topics to receive updates on new posts.

Very cool functionality fixins, but I know what you online advertising people are wondering: is Tumblr in its current state a viable marketing tool? Should brands start up an account ASAP?

Or what improvements are needed to be make Tumblr an exciting social marketing channel?