Tapjoy Plants Pay-Per-Action Into Mobile Apps


app.jpgADOTAS – While Pay-Per-Install allows mobile app developers to reward users for downloading and installing apps, Tapjoy’s new Pay-Per-Action SDK allows them incentivize taking actions within apps. iOS and Android developers will be able to reward their users for doing anything from watching a tutorial to beating a level on a mobile game.

“Now, instead of simply awarding virtual currency when a user installs your app, we allow you to incentivize users to get past Level 1, for instance, or do whatever it is you feel will truly engage them in your app and get them to keep using it,” said Lisa Tong, Tapjoy senior product manager.

In addition, the PPA SDK ties into new partner Apsalar’s user-level analytics platform to allow developers to track and analyze user participation in order to segment audience and optimize the app experience.


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