1. That’s a good post. But we found that the share on facebook, or on twitter buttons on the newsletter really don’t do much at all (same as the forward to a friend did not do much before) , so we are now running contests to try to get people on our mailing list to follow us on our extensive blog, or facebook page or youtube channel. We are also trying to use social as a tool to re-engage dormant and inactive list subscribers.

  2. Thanks, Omar. Sounds like you’re doing good stuff. I think you’re right that share-to-social (STS) has limited effectiveness if you’re using it stand alone, but I think you should still be doing it, especially in conjunction with the other things you’ve got going. See if your STS solution allows you to control what’s being shared (ie, a landing page instead of the email itself). Also, see if you can track who is sharing your emails across social networks. This can help you begin to identify the social influencers in your email subscriber database so that you can engage with them more effectively.


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