Seesmic Evolves With Investment


seesmicADOTAS – When Twitter bought Tweetie and rebranded it as the Twitter mobile app, speculation abounded whether competing social media readers such as Seesmic and Tweetdeck could last. Evolve or die is the mantra of Internet companies — a recent $4 million investment by and a Softbank Group company show that Seesmic and its social media monitoring software are diving headfirst into the enterprise realm.

From a business standpoint, Seesmic Desktop provides a single dashboard for brands and companies to monitor and instantly reply to social media coverage across the entire landscape — Twitter, Facebook, what have you. The platform works with both Macintosh and PC operating systems as well as all major mobile platforms.

Seesmic and Saleforce have been partnering for six months on a bridge between the former’s Desktop and the latter’s Chatter, an enterprise-level social collaboration app and platform that allows employees to “follow” documents, people, business processes and application data, according to Salesforce. Last year Seesmic partnered with Microsoft on its Desktop and Look offerings.

Previously, investors Atomico, Omidyar Network and Wellington Partners had dropped $12 million into Seesmic’s wallet.


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