Quick Hits: Searchmetrics Initiates Integration


punch_small.jpgADOTAS – Search analytics firm Searchmetrics has introduced integration solution Searchmetrics Connect, which offers an API for agencies and third-party developers, as well as marketing tools such as analytics providers Omniture, Webtrends, and Google Analytics.

Google is employing some fancy footwork to try and convince European regulators not to come after it for antitrust violations.

Adknowledge introduced an iOS SDK for mobile game and app developers to earn revenue through advertising offers, virtual currency and application installs via its Super Rewards platform.

Yes, somebody really named his newborn Facebook, but it’s a surprisingly heart-warming tale — the Egyptian man named his daughter after the social network to celebrate its role in the protests that brought down tyrant Hosni Mubarak. Who is going to step up and name their kid Twitter (Tweety for short)?

In less cheerful social media news, a Spanish nun was asked to leave her convent because of her Facebook habit (get it?), but she’s got a page with 7,000 fans rallying to get her back in. The only nuns I like on Facebook are flying ones.


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