Quick Hits: DDS Integrates Rentrak Databases


punch_small.jpgADOTAS – Advertising systems provider Donavan Data Systems (DDS) will integrate multiscreen measurement company Rentrak’s TV Essentials, StationView Essentials and OnDemand Essentials databases into its agency media buying tools. “The results from over 80 million set-top-devices for video-on-demand (VOD) and the results of American’s TV viewing from their set-top devices will be integrated with DDS systems,” said Rentrak CEO Bill Livek. “Additionally, the partnership will open up the buying systems of agencies to include, for the first time, information for highly-targeted networks.”

You know what integrating a slew of recent acquisitions means — it’s reorganization time at AOL! MediaMemo has got the inside details, courtesy of an internal email from CEO Tim Armstrong.

Google is getting bored with just aggregating the news — pissing off Rupert Murdoch can only be entertaining for so long — and has decided to put some cash into the future of journalism. The International Press Institute (IPI) News Inovation Contest received a $2.7 million grant from Google for finding and funding “breakthrough ideas that will have a lasting impact on the future of digital news in communities across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.” What will EU officials, eyeing Google for anti-trust violations, think of that?

You have a Google Nexus S? No Facebook phonebook data sync for you! Google and Facebook move their data access catfight into the mobile realm.


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