Quick Hits: Afternoon Delight


punch_small.jpgADOTAS – Google wised up and opened a web-based store for Android mobile apps. Previously you could only use your Android-mobile device to access the Android Market, and then navigation was infamously infuriating.

Groupon got itself a Super Bowl spot, but LivingSocial only got in on the pregame show — but look for them again during the Academy Award broadcast.

Watch out, Flavors.me and About.me, there’s a new social aggregator in town: SkyGrid has launched Groups, which absorbs real-time data from news sources and social media to showcase the latest mentions, photos, news and videos.

Wired is taking on that beast called “online privacy” in its March issue under the non-inflammatory headline, “Your Life Torn Open.” The issue features essays by “Cult of the Amateur” author Andrew Keen and “Where Good Ideas Come From” author Steven Johnson. However, I strongly recommend media commentator Jeff Jarvis’ aptly titled piece, “Get Over It.” He’s so dreamy…

Word of advice to News Corp Curmudgeon-in-Chief Rupert Murdoch — if you’re going to charge for an iPad-only publication, you might want to make sure people can’t make free versions

While Business Insider has aggregated the best unsolicited advice sent to once and future Google CEO Larry Page through Quora, All Things D’s Kara Swisher detects Page’s fingerprints all over Google’s Bing bitchfest.

Ben Gomes, Google Instant lead engineer, tells Fast Company that only 2% of users opt out of Instant. The other 98% on average type five fewer characters, reach results 10% faster and see results four to five seconds sooner. Opting out is for Sunday searchers! Instant will soon be integrated with the Google Toolbar and Chrome.

Search Engine Land notes that Yahoo has finished outsourcing its real estate listings to Zillow.


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