Ooyala’s Video Tech Lures Yahoo Japan


videowall_smallADOTAS – Ooyala’s Backlot video publishing platform enables clients to incorporate a wide variety of ad units from a dozen major ad networks and servers. It lets publishers manage and syndicate video inventory. But according to CEO Jay Fulcher, the real allure of the platform is its incomparable analytics.

By controlling the video process from end to end, Backlot captures and aggregates every minutiae of content interaction data. The information forwarded to clients is both actionable and real-time, allowing them to understand how video is being consumed at that moment. This is how Ooyala offers the best information for monetizing and personalizing video content.

Analytics are a key reason Yahoo Japan, which boasts the second-largest population of Internet users in the world, has entered into a strategic technology and distribution agreement with Ooyala. Yahoo Japan will standardize Ooyala technology across its more than 400 properties as well as resell the platform and provide support for thousands of media publishers and brand marketers.

According to Fulcher, Yahoo Japan selected Ooyala to build video as a strategic imperative, enabling cross-platform video delivery and monetization and advertising capabilities.

“Yahoo Japan has really understood the value of video and we are delighted with the reach and access this deal has made available,” he said. “An anchor relationship like this is really important to our international growth.”

During 2010, Ooyala expanded its European, Asian, and South and Central American business operations by more than 70%. Clients published video on more than 5,000 sites in over 100 countries.

Founded in 2007 by ex-Googlers, Fulcher said Ooyala has been on a roll: in 2010 the company witnessed tenfold growth in hours of video watched on the Backlot platform and a doubling in active unique users. Revenue tripled while Ooyala’s customer base expanded by 50%. In September, the company raised another $22 million to bring its funding total to $42 million.


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