New York Times Co., Hearst, Tribune and Gannett Team Up for Private Exchange

Inplace #2

handsinADOTAS – So long, ad networks and intermediaries — The New York Times Company, Hearst, Tribune and Gannett have jumped aboard the private exchange express.

The four media online and offline giants have teamed up to form quadrantONE and unleash the Q online private audience platform and ad exchange. This new tool is powered by AdMeld, which has also recently built private ad exchanges for IDG and The Weather Channel.

The fantastic four is advertising Q as a direct resource for media buyers to purchase premium local audiences from these major media outlets via an RTB platform — no third-party selling or verification necessary. The companies involved will continue their direct-selling efforts, but all other inventory will be sold through Q. Each company has devoted about 10% of its online inventory to quadrantONE.

“We have assembled some of the most trusted brands in the media industry to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic marketplace, and we look forward to Q becoming an indispensable tool for agencies, their trading desk practices and many other buyers as digital marketing continues to grow and evolve,” said Don Meek, Tribune executive vice president and quadrantONE board member.

In addition, quadrantONE will offer audience-buying service Q-Select, which includes real-optimization recommendations, campaign insights as well as brand/message recall and post-impression actions.