More Mobile Network Stats Show Android Flying


ANDROIDADOTAS – Android continues to soar into the new year as reports from two mobile ad networks show the mobile operating system dominated in unique users and impressions served.

Mojiva, whose network grew by 30% from December to January to 77.6 million, noted that Android devices accounted for 52% of its unique mobile audience in January 2011. In general, ad requests increased by 866% between November and January while the number of unique iPad users on the network grew 537%.

While the iOS devices had a 47% increase in impressions between December and January on Millennial Media’s mobile ad network, Android devices kept a 54% share of smartphone impressions compared to a 28% slice for iPhone. This was the second month Android was tops on Millennial’s network but the iPhone itself garnered the most impressions of any mobile device with 15.4%.

Millennial also reported that “connected devices” accounted for 9% of impressions served on its mobile network, while smartphones took 66% and feature phones had 25%.


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