Google Signs Up for Return Path’s Phishing Deterent


emailADOTAS – In conjunction with the commercial launch of anti-phishing service Domain Assurance, email certifier and reputation manager Return Path announced that Google is supporting its new technology for blocking phishy emails before they reach inboxes. Big G joins other big-name Domain Assurance patrons Yahoo, Tucows and Cloudmark.

Domain Assurance provides preventive measures against phishing attacks through authenticating email senders’ domains and subdomains via the SPF and DKIM standards for confirming sender identity. The interface allows senders to keep track of authentication records through Return Path’s mailbox provider partners and the proprietary ISP-based Return Path Reputation Network, which validate these results across all types of email — transactional, marketing and corporate — sent from the domains.

In addition, clients can add domains and sub-domains to the Domain Assurance Registry list so ISPs automatically reject email coming from registered domains that fail authentication. Domain owners will be alerted when fraudulent emails using their domains are observed and provided with data on phishing URLs.

“Currently companies can only react to a phishing attack, but Domain Assurance changes the game by blocking phishing emails before they get delivered to the customer mailbox,” said Return Path President George Bilbrey.



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