Facebook Fix: CMOs Lukewarm on ROI


facebookfixADOTAS – ROI? What ROI? Chief Marketing Officers still aren’t sold on Facebook as a effective marketing tool according to a survey by Bazaarvoice and The CMO Club. Of the 175 executives queried, only 15.4% saw significant ROI from Facebook compared to other social media sites while 20.6% said the ROI was average. While 8.6% said Facebook wasn’t delivering ROI, the worst news was that the largest group  (35%) said they had no idea about their Facebook ROI. The remaining 20.6% aren’t even using Facebook as a marketing tool.

Ad Upgrade. Facebook is starting spring cleaning a little early today (they must have listened to that damn groundhog) by revamping its ad system and formally introducing “Sponsored Stories,” which allow brands to highlight in the righthand ad space user mentions from the news feed. Also included are substantial upgrades to the advertiser self-serve platform. AllFacebook has the full details, as well as some gushing about Facebook’s “recirculation system.”

Hong Kong Action. Facebook has opened a Hong Kong office to cater to that island and Taiwan, two markets with 16 million users, representing 10% of all Asian Facebookers, according to Social Bakers. The populations of those two markets make 0.7% of the entire Asian population, but Facebook has witnessed 52% and 51% penetration for Hong Kong and Taiwan. Of course, we’re curious if  its another initiative by Zuck and crew to woo Mainland China, where Facebook has been banned since 2008. Facebook also operates an office in Singapore.

‘Oh, My Precious Privacy!’ According to a USA Today/Gallup Poll, about 70% of Facebook users are somewhat or very concerned about their privacy on the social network, compared to 52% who have the same worries about Google. In particular, 65% of Facebookers fear viruses — Speaking of bad things from the Internet…

DIY Malicious Apps. Have you ever felt like building a malicious Facebook app? Doesn’t matter what for — spreading malware and luring users to click-fraud accounts are popular reasons, but you could also be interested in creating fake surveys that steal user information. If you’ve got $25, seek out your local hacker, who can hook you up with a do-it-yourself toolkit that contains templates for doing all of the above! You can start deceiving Facebook suckers in minutes, according to Websense Security Labs.

Animated Stalker Update. OK, you had to snort a little at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg filing a restraining order against a stalker — the fact that the guy bugged Zuck and his family for money almost sounds like it was a practical joke satirizing Facebook’s targeted advertising. Taiwanese video service NMA, which spits out some of the most hilarious animated coverage of big news stories, gives the Zuck stalker story a spin, culminating with the snappy line, “Zuckerberg will have to update his privacy settings just like the rest of us.”


  1. While social media can certainly be an important arrow in the marketing quiver, it is appalling that performance accountability has taken a back seat to the hype. Social media sites, particularly Facebook, self-report their own delivery. Advertisers are increasingly questioning the value received and credibility of their numbers and rightly so. One advertiser faced with a credit due to downtime asked “how do I know?” We can do better as an industry. This isn’t acceptable for any other media.


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