DataXu Leads DSP Invasion of Mobile


mobiletv.jpgADOTAS – Aieeeeeeeeeee! They’re coming from the online display space to invade mobile! Run for your lives!

That’s right: as originally promised with the launch of its next-gen platform DX2, DataXu has brought its DSP to the mobile realm. DX Mobile brings DataXu’s real-time, impression-by-impression buying to the handheld screen and opens up targeting options such as demographics, geographic, context, creative, day-parting, handset and operator.

In addition, DX Mobile boasts spend-to-highest performing ad placement optimization; analytics following consumers across mobile devices and the Internet; and enhanced attribution, including post-click engagement. DataXu says initial mobile tests demonstrated fourfold performance improvement over ad network buys and eight times improvement over direct publisher buys.

“Consumers have already adopted mobile devices as a way of life but advertisers are behind the curve because it’s just too hard to run effective campaigns,” said CEO Mike Baker. “Agencies and advertisers are beginning to understand the need to re-engineer their metrics, relationships, processes and people to thrive in an always-on, always-connected world and DX Mobile provides an innovative solution to help find and engage relevant audiences at scale.”


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