Apple Slices iAd Minimum Buy in Half


appleADOTAS – Do you hear that sound? It’s the iAd’s million-dollar floor shattering.

Apple has halved the minimum spend for its innovative mobile ad unit to $500,000. Although Apple reported 60 successful brand campaigns and a 100% renewal rate, fill rates have been sliding since the beginning of the year.

Because Apple got a bad rep in the launch stage of iAds — only two of the launch brands had their iAds ready in July — the company seems to be making concessions aims to grab larger slices of brand budgets, in particular, stealing from broadcast TV pools. In December, Apple sent an olive branch to flustered agencies in the form of the iAd Producer, a free tool (for iOS Developer Program subscribers) for layer-by-layer iAd construction using templates, animations and stock buttons.

But is halving the floor enough, particularly when many independent mobile ad networks offer similar ad units that are cross-platform and cheaper?


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