App Developers Intrigued by Microsoft-Nokia Hookup


app.jpgADOTAS – While many in the industry are skeptical about the Microsoft-Nokia partnership announced on Friday, it seems app developers are intrigued by the prospects. Flurry, which supplies mobile analytics and app recommendation systems, noted a 66% increase in project starts (when a developer adds the Flurry SDK to its pre-release) for Windows Phone 7.

Although Flurry only began offering a WP7 SDK five weeks ago, its analysts studied the numbers and noted that the activity was very similar to when the iPad was about to ship last year. Interestingly, Android took a while to win developers over, but BlackBerry quickly lost their interest as a viable app platform.

Even though sales of WP7 handsets have allegedly been lackluster, the OS has a good reputation in the tech community. The partnership with Nokia seems like a good move as that company’s handsets are respected but its Symbian OS loathed.

Peter Farago of Flurry believes this rise in activity “shows that not only believe Nokia has given Microsoft Windows Phone7 a shot in the arm, but also that Nokia and Microsoft together can build a viable ecosystem.”



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