Apartment Hunting Socialized by Oodle


classifieds.jpgADOTAS – I ain’t no property owner, so whenever I want to switch apartments I immediately spread the word through my grapevine of friends, so I don’t have to play Russian Roulette with Craigslist’s “rooms/shared” section. It works the opposite way as well — I’m always passing on word that so-and-so has an opening or needs a roommate.

Of course, the social media version of the grapevine is Facebook, where Oodle operates social classified services that power the Facebook Marketplace. Oodle has
partnered with rental property resource For Rent Media Solutions, a division of Dominion Enterprises, to offer customers using online tool ForRent.com the ability to integrate their listings with their Facebook pages and social graphs.

“Our partnership with Oodle provides a human element to our customers’ listings and brings a trust factor to the rental process, since users can see how their friends and friends of friends are connected to listings, ask questions, receive feedback, make comments and respond to listings,” said Brock MacLean, ForRent.com’s senior vice president of national sales and development.

According to Oodle, there are 1 million Marketplace users actively seeking rental property. Existing ForRent.com advertisers will be able to appear on the Facebook Marketplace and Oodle’s proprietary site, and for a bit extra they can appear on Oodle’s partner network. These advertisers will also have the opportunity to upgrade to Oodle’s Marketplace Expert, which offers priority placement in search results, more photos, online video, advanced social interaction reporting, Facebook Business Page creation, initial recruitment of fans, access to expert advice and more.


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