Android’s NFC Flung Wide Open


ANDROIDADOTAS – Near-field communication technology has many digital players — especially marketersrubbing their hands in excitement. The potential for m-commerce simply by waving a mobile device or scanning is sending shivers through the industry

However, although the latest version of mobile OS Android supports NFC code, it only works with NFC chips from NXP Semiconductors. Enter Open NFC for Android, a hardware-independent implementation of NFC for Google’s mobile operating system from semiconductor firm Inside Secure. Smartphone managers will have their choice of NFC chip providers when implementing Android and not be waylaid by rewriting code.

“Open NFC relies on a separate, very thin and easily adaptable hardware abstraction software layer, which accounts for a very small percentage of the total stack code, meaning that the Open NFC software stack can be easily leveraged for different NFC chip hardware,” Philippe Martineau, executive vice president of the NFC business line for Inside Secure, tells Read Write Web.

Open NFC, which has actually been around for a year now, is also available for Windows Phone 7, Nokia’s MeeGo and other mobile platforms.


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