StumbleUpon Drives Most Social Media Traffic

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stumbleADOTAS – Facebook, Facebook, Facebook — why do you get all the attention? Goldman Sachs lavishing $450 million on you, threatening letters from congress, unfavorable celluloid depictions… You know, StumbleUpon has got some impressive stuff going on — like, according to StatCounter, it stole the mantle of top site for generating U.S. social media traffic from Facebook between December and January.

So thbbbbbbppppt!

The social discovery network, which now boasts 12 million users, had a 43.34% share of social media traffic, up from about 36% in November, while Facebook fell from 44.35% to about 38%. Lagging far, far behind were YouTube (close to 7%) and Twitter (about 5%).

Well, what does social media traffic mean? StatCounter is measuring the share of traffic sent out from seven major social media outlets (in addition to the names mentioned, Reddit, MySpace and Digg). SU’s main feature is helping users “stumble” onto various pages, some of them sponsored. The social network successfully revamped its ad system in March 2010.

But SU is making inroads in the sharing game as well. Although Facebook had a dominating 44% share of AddThis’ sharing volume (up from 33% the year before), SU’s growth rate was more impressive: 254% vs. 163%. Coming in ahead of both was Gmail, which had 400% growth in share volume year over year.

You know, the StumbleUpon story could make for a great film too — and an uplifting one unlike “The Social Network.” The four young cofounders sell their fledging social network to eBay (an absentee patriarchal figure) only to realize life as a startup was that much sweeter. Along the way, they find the meaning of true friendship, fall in love with quadruplet sisters and host a giant wedding at the same time they buy back the company.

Just enough Hollywood sheen to make it a winner — have your people call my people.