New Data Breach Prevention Guide from OTA


privateADOTAS – Data Privacy Day comes but once a year, this time on Friday, Jan. 28. How will you celebrate? I was considering skipping my daily ritual of memorizing every IP address that finds its way to Adotas. (By the way,, thanks for being such a loyal reader! I promise to write more about in-app Android advertising soon.)

The Online Trust Alliance has offered a pre-holiday festivity in the form of the “2011 Data Breach Incident Readiness Guide,” developed and supported by dozens of online marketing organizations and given the thumbs up by government officials such as Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna. The guide offers insight into preventing data breaches as well as incident management through key questions such as:

  1. Do you know what sensitive information is maintained by your company, where it is stored and how it is kept secure?
  2. Do you have an incident response team in place ready to respond 24/7?
  3. Are management teams aware of security, privacy and regulatory requirements related specifically to your business?
  4. Have you completed a privacy and security audit of all data collection activities, including cloud services, mobile devices and outsourced services?
  5. Are you prepared to communicate to customers, partners and stockholders in the event of a breach or data loss incident?

“In the past five years, over 525 million records containing sensitive personal information have been compromised, significantly undermining the foundation of consumer trust,” said Craig Spiezle, executive director and president of the Online Trust Alliance. “With the onslaught of criminal and deceptive business activities, we are calling on business leaders to develop a readiness plan.  Those failing to act may be faced with increased public scrutiny, regulatory pressures and a tarnished brand reputation.”


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