Mobile Scanning Gains Further Momentum in Fourth Quarter


barcodeADOTAS – ScanBuy’s first-ever ScanLife Mobile Barcode Trend Report, released in September, offered the shocking statistic that mobile barcode scanning had increased by 700% in the first three quarters of 2010. Well, the holiday season proved to be an even more popular time to scan the night away, as scanning traffic doubled in the fourth quarter, making for 16-fold growth in 2010.

According to Scanbuy — facilitator of the ScanLife Code Management Platform, which generates QR Code, Datamatrix and EZcode for marketers– the biggest scan days of the fourth quarter were Black Friday and the day after Christmas, which Scanbuy attributes to consumers tinkering with new smartphones received as gifts. The 25-54 age demographic increased its scanning by 25%

UPC scanning proved far more popular than 2D codes because of the holiday shopping season, Scanbuy speculates. The most used features for scanning UPCs were coupons, prices and nutritional info — previously Scanbuy discovered that Food and Personal Care were the most scanned categories.


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