LinkedIn Ads Lose Beta Label, Gain Targeting Options


linkedinADOTAS – Some dishes are best slow-cooked on the stove for hours — for LinkedIn, its self-service pay-per-click text ads needed a few years simmering on the burner before coming out of beta.

Originally introduced in 2008, the social network for professionals is tearing off the beta tag attached to LinkedIn Ads and imbuing enhanced targeting demographics: exact job title, company name or LinkedIn Group. These are in addition to LinkedIn Ads’ pretty nifty set of B2B-friendly targeting demos such as job function, industry, company size and seniority. Oh yeah, you can target by geography, age and gender… if you’re feeling boring.

LinkedIn claims it only lets ads be shown to members most likely to purchase a company’s products or services. The new targeting options have reportedly increased click-through rates three- or fourfold for some advertisers.

It’s been an impressive time of innovation for LinkedIn — in November of last year, the social network introduced its company pages as well as a share button for publishers.


  1. We are still trying to get the best from advertisement on Linked-In but it appears to be difficult task.

    If targeting is only limited to geography, age and gender – this is no good for advertisers who want to use the full potential of Linked-In.

    Plus the ads are very expensive (as per now).


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