Google Has M-Commerce on the Mind


google_recruiting_small.jpgADOTAS – Google’s new slogan may as well be “All mobile, all the time.” In a short piece for the Harvard Business Review, Google CEO Schmidt said Google’s 2011 focus will mobile, mobile and more mobile. After suggesting more legwork is needed on 8-10 megabit underlying LTE networks, he says that Google needs to get into the mobile money game.

“Phones, as we know, are used as banks in many poorer parts of the world—and modern technology means that their use as financial tools can go much further than that,” he writes.

Big G has already has made its first play by embedding near-field communication software into the latest version of Android and offering the hardware through the new Nexus S. The promise of NFC is a simple wave of the phone and you’ve charged groceries, movie tickets, a Ukrainian bride, etc.

But is that it? The world of m-commerce has much more potential — eBay just witnessed 134% year-over-year growth in m-commerce sales in the U.S. during the holiday season. And then Jumptap CMO Paran Johar thinks that this year m-commerce within advertisements is going to take off.

Come on, Google — we know you guys like to think big. What else are you planning?


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