Gay Ad Network Steps Up to Video With Gaycast

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Jan 27, 2011 
Gavin Dunaway  |

video_smallADOTAS – All the display operators want in on video, and vertical ad networks are no exception — Gay Ad Network has rolled out online video advertising network and syndication platform Gaycast. Targeted at gay and lesbian consumers, Gaycast’s launch partners include American Airlines, Mandalay Bay and the Florida Keys Tourism Council.

With Gaycast, Gay Ad Network becomes a one stop shop for targeting the LGBT community through display, mobile and video. In addition to pre-roll, Gaycast will support companion ads, video overlays, custom players and sponsored content.

Content on Gaycast is curated from a wide range of producers such as independent filmmakers, musicians and comedians, while site members can upload videos or share clips from YouTube and Hulu. An editorial staff reviews all content to ensure it meets Gaycast’s editorial standards and categorizes videos appropriately.

In addition, Gay Ad Network is partnering with online television network OURScene, which caters to the LGBT community, and In The Life Media, producers of public television and web series “In the Life,” which documents the gay experience.

Introduced by Adify in 2007, Gay Ad Network launched Lesbian Ad Network in early 2009. comScore ranks the Gay Ad Network as the top online gay media property in terms of traffic.

Gavin Dunaway is Editor, U.S. at AdMonsters, a leading trade publication, event producer and service provider for the online advertising industry. Previously, he had been Senior Editor of Adotas, where he arrived after years of ping-ponging around various industry publications. This Washington, D.C. native and George Mason University graduate also enjoys playing electric guitar so loud that the walls shake.

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