Facebook Grabs Mobile Ad Tech Firm


facebook_small.jpgADOTAS – At the Inside Social Apps conference yesterday, Facebook CTO Bret Taylor said the social network’s primary focus for 2011 would be mobile, as already 200 million mobile Facebook users are twice as active as web users.

Mobile ad revenue would appear to be an imperative: All Things Digital reported that Facebook acquired Rel8tion, a mobile advertising tech firm that recently exited stealth mode and was cofounded by Peter Wilson, who also assisted in setting up Facebook’s Seattle office. Wilson will now now be an engineering director in that nascent office, a role he held at Google for four years prior to cofounding Rel8tion with Scott Hanaan, a former Microsoft consultant.

Rel8tion was building a hyper-local mobile advertising service that would connect location and demographic data with relevant local ad inventory. Besides brand-sponsored deals with Facebook Places, Facebook has made no moves on the mobile advertising front.

Last year CEO Mark Zuckerberg told TechCrunch that Facebook was not building a smartphone or a mobile OS, but a “social layer” to rest within a mobile OS, reportedly based off of Android. Yesterday Sony Ericsson announced it will integrate Facebook’s Single Sign On login technology — introduced in December as essentially Facebook Connect for mobile apps — into all of its new Android-powered mobile devices, along with a preloaded copy of the Facebook app.


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