DMA Gonna Crack Down on Ad Icon Violataz


forwardiADOTAS – On the ground, this is a raid! The Direct Marketing Association is about to go all bad cop on perps that don’t stay in line with the industry’s online behavioral advertising code.

The trade organization charged with enforcing the self-regulatory regime has got the go-ahead from the Digital Advertising Alliance higher-ups to crack some skulls if members (and even nonmembers) don’t check themselves and put the Forward I icons on any ad employing behavioral targeting.

And by “crack some skulls,” I mean “make the violations public.” DAH-AMM.

DMA Executive Vice President of Government Affairs Linda Woolley says she pities the fools who use behavioral targeting without the Forward I icon, and although the members won’t be fined or punished or nothing, they gonna get kicked out of DMA eventually. You know, sometime when DMA had enough of their foolin’.

You ain’t a member of DMA? They gonna send your name to the Feds. You know, DMA been talking to the Federal Trade Commission, which is still taking comments on its proposed “Do Not Track” list, and it’s saying the ad icon program is a “Do Not Track” list.

So chill, Feds — DMA’s got the streets under control. Self-re-gu-late!


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