BrightEdge Flips Global Switch for SEO Platform


searchADOTAS – It only took them six months to go global: BrightEdge, which introduced its SEO platform in June 2010, has enabled its software to reach nearly every market worldwide. The updated platform will allow SEO professionals to manage their organic search rank on search properties in a multitude of locales.

“Our clients asked us to extend the platform’s reach so they can drive the same ROI globally that they are seeing in the U.S.,” said BrightEdge CEO Jim Yu, who recently shared his opinions for our “Google Search in Disrepair?” series. “Bringing our platform to international search engines will give companies a means to scale and drive new business in ways simply not possibly before.”

To guide the company in optimizing the platform internationally, BrightEdge has added Ming Lei as a strategic advisor. The former Baidu chief architect was one of the four founding members of China’s largest search engine.


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