Blekko’s Social Search Brigade Deploys Mobile App


app.jpgADOTAS – Pingdom reported over the summer that Google has close to a 100% share of the mobile search game. Well, pesky little social search engine Blekko would like to make a dent in that with the release of its iPhone and Android device.

The mobile app will allow users to log into their Blekko accounts and edit and add to custom-created slashtags. Users will also be able to instantly access website SEO data and report spammy sites, while having access to slashtag categories suggested by Blekko.

Especially as the chorus of annoyed Google users grows louder, Blekko has tried to emerge as a social search substitute. The company announced that 100,000 slashtag verticals have so far been created by thousands of human editors. We chatted about social search and SEO with Blekko CEO Rich Skrenta a few weeks ago.



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