Android Tops Nokia in Worldwide Smartphone Shipments

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ANDROIDADOTAS – In addition to its impressive U.S. growth, Android is making waves in international waters — according to Canalys, more smartphones employing Google’s Android operating system were shipped in fourth quarter 2010 than reigning champion Nokia Symbian. Android, shipped 33.3 million handsets in the quarter (33% share of all shipped) compared to Nokia’s 31 million (31% share).

That means Google witnessed 615% growth in handsets shipped year over year — 4Q 2009 had Android shipments at 4.7 million for an 8.7% share. Android appears to have largely cut into Nokia’s grip of the market, as in 4Q 2009, the Finnish company shipped 23.9 million smartphones for a 44.4% share of the market.

In total, the number of smartphones shipped nearly doubled in Q4 2010 compared to the year before — 101.2 million versus 53.7 million. Apple’s share of the new handset market dipped from 16.3% to 16%, but the company shipped 16.2 million handsets in Q4 2010 versus 8.7 million the year before, equalling 86% growth.

Nokia still powers the most smartphone operating systems in the world, but according to Canalys, Google is making strong inroads in Asia-Pacific, particularly the burgeoning Chinese market. Nokia still dominates the Europe, Middle East and Africa segment, the largest regional market according to Canalys.