Android Leaps Ahead in Impression Share on Millennial


ANDROIDADOTAS – After two months of running neck and neck on Millennial Media’s mobile ad network in terms of impression share, Google’s Android mobile operating system took a commanding lead over Apple’s iOS in November: 46% to 32%. That’s an 8% increase in impression share in one month.

But Android’s growth in impression share year over year on Millennial’s network, which reaches 80% of all U.S. mobile devices, is something right out of “Jack and the Beanstalk.” Ad requests from the nascent OS grew 141% between quarters two and three of 2010 and 3,130% since the beginning of last year.

Android claimed 55% of the fourth-quarter ad revenue generated by apps, a 13% jump quarter over quarter, while iOS garnered 39%. Ad requests from Apple devices grew by 12% between the third and fourth quarter, but since January iOS share of impressions has only increased 14%. However, ad requests from the iPad leaped 280% from third to fourth quarter.


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