Android Hops Past iPhone in Subscribers


ANDROIDADOTAS – This is kind of surprising news, especially after Verizon sales data suggested that Android devices couldn’t compete with the iPhone: comScore notes that in November the number of Android subscribers stole past the number of iPhone subscribers for the first time.

Of 61.5 million smartphone users, 26% are on an Android device vs. 25% using the iPhone; the month prior, iPhone just beat out Android 24.6% to 23.5%. However, the iPhone’s imminent arrival on Verizon, the most popular U.S. wireless carrier, threatens to further shake up the smartphone racket.

But both iPhone and Android smartphone share are going, compared to beleaguered leader RIM, which has witnessed its subscriber share fall from 37.6% in August to 33.5% in November. Over the same period, Android devices grew from a 19.6% share to 26%.

And what about Windows Phone 7? It keeps threatening to catch on… According to comScore, Microsoft’s smartphone share was 9% in November, a month after the WP7 launch. That number was down from 10.8% in August.

Mighty curious to see what the holiday stats will show us regarding smartphone subscribers…



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