AdMeld Powers IDG’s Tech-Focused Private Exchange


privateADOTAS – When The Weather Channel unveiled its AdMeld-powered “Category 5” cross-channel private ad exchange in November, AdMeld CEO Michael Barrett said that was only the first step for private exchanges.

And the next step had been a real leap: IDG TechNetwork, a vertical ad network that represents 460 independent sites as well as IDG media brands such as MacWorld and PCWorld, has enlisted AdMeld to power its tech-focused private exchange that will debut in beta next month. The Tech Media Exchange (TMX)will feature available inventory on 500 premium tech web sites and will be open on an invite-only basis to demand-side platforms and agency trading desks.

Private exchanges are built on AdMeld’s technology, but offers further control and analytics to the publisher while being connected to major media buyers. As Barrett explained in an “Answers Served” column back in November:

“The private exchange enables a premium publisher to operate ‘above the fray’ by engaging with a select pool of programmatic buyers in exactly the way they want. It also provides them with a level of transparency and data they can leverage to analyze demand trends, appropriately price inventory and sell their audience more effectively across channels and platforms.”


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