2011 Mobile Advertising Predictions

Inplace #2

crystalball_smallADOTAS – PRLog released what it predicts to be the trends in mobile advertising for the year to come. Here are some highlights from the crystal ball:

– Relevance will drive the mobile based services. Location-Based Services, Augmented Reality, Mobile Internet, Mobile TV and social media will be utilized to turn an “ad” into a personalized brand experience.

– Mobile Operators will increase their focus on specialized technologies and more partnerships, which will bring operators in the center of mobile marketing and the advertising eco-system.

– Consumer awareness will increase in privacy and SPAM issues and will thus, drive regulatory initiatives.

– Current ad network models will be challenged by the rise of operators with new and innovative business models.

– You will see more mobile based coupons, loyalty programs and deals.

– Video insert ads on mobile will become successful in emerging markets.

– Incentives based opt-in and ad sponsored content will become more popular in emerging markets.

– You can count on a spike in viral strategies implemented through social media on mobile.