YuMe Produces Three New Video Ad Units


video_smallADOTAS – It’s not a page takeover but a page takeover simulation — YuMe’s new Lights Out unit dims the rest of the website content for a movie theater effect during the preroll. Users have the option of flipping the lights back on at any time.

In addition, the video ad technology company is introducing the SideKick ad unit, which synchronizes animation and other design elements within the pre-roll with companion banners on a page. There’s also the new Expanded View, which frames the pre-roll ad with a branded border image that disappears when the video completes.

YuMe also recently released its third-quarter advertising metrics, which showed that video completion reached 75%, up 10% for the year before. By gender, the completion rate for women viewers is 75% versus 69% for men. Representing 59% of pre-rolls, 15-second spots are the most popular. Consumer product goods companies account for 32% of all YuMe’s video ad spend, followed by auto and entertainment, which are neck and neck at 11%.


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