Young Bing Grabs 28% of U.S. Search Share


searchADOTAS – Two search engines may be better than one, but they’re still only half of Google. According to Satya Nadella, senior vice president of Microsoft’s Online Services Division and Bing project head, completion of the Microsoft-Yahoo search deal has given Bing 28% of the domestic search market. Previously the search engine had topped out at 13%

Still, the November search market share show that although Google’s share dipped from 66.3% in October, its 66.2% in November was still twice the combined Bing-Yahoo numbers. Separately, Yahoo had a 16.4% share in November while Microsoft sites boasted an 11.8% share.

Progress is progress, argued Natella, while noting that Bing results have been dramatically improved by having twice as much search data. The year has been kind to the search engine as Facebook granted Microsoft access to its precious Like data and the search engine’s iPhone app ranked as one of the top 10 free apps. At the Bing Summit, Nadella also added that the search engine has more than 90 million users and has grown by 50% since its launch last summer.

Overall, comScore noted that U.S. explicit core search volume slowed its growth from 16.7% year over year in October to 11.5% in November — which seems kind of weird, because you’d expect a great deal of search related to the holiday season…


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