Unblab Acquisition to Brings Added Promise to AOL’s Revamped Email


aol.jpgADOTAS – AOL not only beat Facebook in unveiling its upgraded email/messaging service, it also seemed to win the style battle. While “Project Phoenix” has similar features to the new Facebook Messages such as multiple outputs and conversation history, it also looked a whole lot smarter, especially with a preview pane reminiscent of the one Twitter added with its redesign.

Now with the acquisition of Unblab, it appears AOL has further sweetened its email pot. Using machine-learning algorithms that determine both universally recognized and user-specific traits regarding email pertinence, Unblab’s Gtriage scans a Gmail user’s inbox and leaves a red mark on the most important messages.

Gtriage is going down, but it’s features will live on Phoenix — and immensely improve, says Unblab founder Eli Holder, who is joining the AOL mail team as project manager. Working with Google’s IMAP was limiting, but he’s opened a new world through managing a whole email client.


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