RTB Finally Getting Some Standards


skipping_smallADOTAS – There are few things that will bring fierce industry rivals together at a table for discussion, but one is certainly standards. Corralling the largest players in the ultra-competitive display-side platform and supply-side platform spaces, the OpenRTB initiative aims to develop real-time bidding standards for automating publisher and advertiser guidelines.

Participating in the development of OpenRTB were DSPs DataXu, MediaMath and Turn and SSPs AdMeld, PubMatic and the Rubicon Project. The project is the brainchild of DataXu CTO and founder Bill Simmons, who believes open, flexible, safe and consistent RTB standards will ignite growth in the display space that has been hobbled by each company in the arena having its own guidelines.

The initial OpenRTB protocol includes

  • DSP to SSP advertiser batch synchronization (a method for automatically retrieving a list of publisher restrictions for each advertiser);
  • SSP to DSP publisher batch synchronization (a method for automatically retrieving publisher properties and creative restrictions for each DSP); and
  • RTB request standards for publisher creative restrictions.

Future goals for the initiative include further API standards, best practices for network management, privacy enforcement, standardized bid request forms and performance reporting.

“Agreeing on a set of standards will enable all of us to streamline the real-time media buying process and create a stronger foundation on which to build future industry innovations,” Simmons said. “It’s critical that we join to overcome these common technical challenges if as a group we wish to see the industry realize its full potential of delivering superior marketing results to agencies and brands.”


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