RichRelevance enRICHes E-tailer Recommendations


shopADOTAS – Who said in-store advertising is just for physical locations? Ad technology firms like Win Buyer, DiJiPOP and RichRelevance are enabling brands to advertise directly on online retailer pages — big kids like and have already signed up.

RichRelevance — the brainchild of CEO David Selinger, who is credited with creating’s personalization and recommendation engine — is introducing enRICH for Brands, which offer targeted rich media ads (with anything from video tutorials, testimonials, and couponing to trials and reviews) integrated within retailers’ product recommendations.

Built on the enRICH personalization platform, which offers targeting based on a retailer’s data combined with RichRelevance’s personalization technology the empowers 350 million daily product recommendations, advertisers have both contextual (category) and geo-location placement options. The ads includes advanced rich media metrics such as video completion rate and the amount of a video viewed.


  1. The e-commerce media space is growing fast! We’ll see more and more of these kinds of opportunities for brands to interact with active shoppers as the “Zero Moment of Truth” is accepted and considered: Today’s consumers are making purchase decisions before ever setting foot in a store. So prepared marketers are putting their messages in front of shoppers while they’re researching or actively shopping online.

    There are many players in the space, and many types of ad units. The most successful e-commerce media placements will be those that blend naturally into the shopping experience, fitting an appropriate ad unit into an appropriate page, as comfortably as the holiday decorations rest on the end caps of big box stores around the country this week. As we’ve seen with our clients at HookLogic, winning campaigns are relevant to the shopper and actually enhance their experience, surfacing offers they may not have noticed otherwise, or products they hadn’t thought to include in their consideration set. In a well thought-out campaign, e-commerce media benefits all parties – the marketer, the retailer, and (most importantly) the shopper.


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