Panache Fuses Lean-Gen With Video Ads


video_smallADOTAS – Though forces mighty and malevolent strained to keep them separated, lead-generation and online video ads have finally found a way to be together, thanks to Panache and the finance industry.

Video ad tech firm Panache — which offers the Ad Flow solution that streamlines the video ad work flow process from ad sales to trafficking in order to dramatically reduce fulfillment costs — is introducing customizable “Lead Accelerator” ads that allow
financial companies to incorporate live data feeds to alert consumers to timely offer for products such as mortgages or personal loans.

The ad combines preroll, companion and overlay technology. In addition, the ad will direct data and qualified traffic to advertisers’ websites without requiring a secure rich-media takeover to generate leads.

“The finance industry has been reluctant to shift direct marketing dollars to digital video advertising due to a lack of insight into results and immediacy of impact,” said Panache CEO Steve Robinson. “The customizable ‘Lead Accelerator’ video ad is the first-of-its-kind for the financial industry. It not only builds brand awareness, but also drives real-time lead generation.”


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