MySpace Returns to Google for Search and Ad Deal


myspace_small.jpgADOTAS – As its contract with Google was reaching a close, AOL teased that it was looking for new partners for the search dance, but finally settled with its old flame for a new five-year deal.

MySpace, on the other hand, has been alone on the fringes since its search and advertising deal with Google expired at the end of June. If the once-mighty social network had been flirting with other search partners, such as wannabe Google rival Bing, no one noticed…

Today Google and MySpace renewed their search and advertising deal, expanding it so Google would provide additional display advertising. Big G will again power the revamped social entertainment site’s search and search advertising functions, while MySpace impressions will now be available in the Google Display Network and DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Wait, does this mean display ads on MySpace will no longer be crap (or at least they’ll be less crappy)? But I was still trying to punch that monkey and my belly fat has gotten out of control and my teeth need whitening after all that acai berry juice I drank…

The last time the two tied the knot was in August 2006, and the dowry Google paid to MySpace parent company News Corp. was $900 million. Financial terms of the latest deal were not disclosed, probably to save face for the beleaguered Myspace.

Also not discussed was the length of the new deal — kinda interesting because after the most recent rehaul, News Corp. COO Chase Carey suggested it might be prime time to get rid of the blight — I mean, sell ever-struggling MySpace.


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