Mpire Survey Finds Ad Verification Good for Industry


verificationADOTAS – When ZEDO integrated Mpire’s AdXpose into its ad network, I asked Ryan Polley, AdXpose senior vice president of strategic development, how he felt about ad networks always talkin’ smack about ad verifiers, and he surprised me by answering, “Can you blame them?”

“Agencies and networks and publishers are all partners,” he added. “Creating friction and adversarial relationships is not in the long term interest of any players in the value chain, except certain verification companies.”

For a survey that aimed to “clarify the value proposition and promise of ad verification for all the major players in the online ad community,” Mpire polled 145 industry players to find that 80% believe ad verification is good for the industry as a whole.

While more than 70% of respondents paid for ad verification services this year, that percentage will drop to 56% as more publishers and networks integrate ad verification technology. About half of the respondents said that they would spend 2% or more of the their overall media budgets on verification and optimization in 2011, an 140% increase from this year.


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