Mobile Roadie Pulls Up to BlackBerry Town


mobiletv.jpgADOTAS – While the tug of war over users between Apple’s iOS and Google Android gets the most media attention, a big percentage of smartphone users still cling to their BlackBerrys, especially since RIM’s security offerings are trusted by businesses. No reason added security means you can’t enjoy the same apps as iOS and Android users, says Mobile Roadie.

The cross-platform mobile app builder and manager is launching on BlackBerrys with apps from launch partners that include Taylor Swift, Madonna, the Miami Dolphins, Diddy and more. Mobile Roadie’s self-service mobile app platform enables even those with no programming knowledge to build apps for all three major mobile platforms within minutes.

Mobile Roadie, which boasts a reach of 3 million mobile users globally, supports 11 languages and has a presence in 12 countries (including the U.K., France and Israel). The three editions of its platform (Core, Plus and Pro) integrate with major publishing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more.


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