Facebook Crowned Most Visited Site of 2010


facebook_small.jpgADOTAS – I find superlatives tacky, especially at the end of the year. My favorite quote about Time’s pick of Mark Zuckerberg as “2010 Person of the Year” came from media slicer and dicer Jeff Jarvis:”[Person] of the year is picked exactly the same way that sexiest man alive is and has as much importance and impact.” ZING!

Even though I think it’s a meaningless prize, I was still hoping it would go to WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange (although Sarah Palin was seemingly omnipresent this year). Yeah, I cared a bit, and I’m guilty of my own end-of-year superlative poll (My publisher made me do it! All right — no, he didn’t.). So far, ADOTAS readers overwhelmingly think 2010 was the year Facebook overcame the media backlash (I was part of that!) to dominate not just social media, but the whole damn Internet and even a good deal of mobile.

Right on cue, competitive intelligence firm Hitwise has crowned Facebook the most visited site by U.S. browsers in 2010. Between January and November 2010, trips to the social network accounted for 8.93% of all website hits. Previous champion Google sheepishly took second place with 7.19% of all visits, and Yahoo! Mail came in third with 3.52%, followed by Yahoo.com at 3.3%.

In 2009, Facebook was trailing Google and Yahoo! Mail with 4.26% of all visits, which was quite a step up from ninth place in 2008 — where it got even fewer visits than MySpace. Wow, times change quickly.

So maybe Zuck does deserve person of the year as Facebook’s resilience and domineering would seem to be the story of 2010… But wait — there’s still another day left in this year! Every U.S. Internet browser, stop going to Facebook and visit Google.com RIGHT NOW! Come on, we can win this for Big G just like we won “Dancing With the Stars” for Bristol Palin!

Wait — she didn’t win? But I thought she was such a natural talent, especially since she was tragically born with two left feet. Wait, she doesn’t have two left feet? (Well, not literally…)

For the record, I think 2010 was the year online video advertising came of age — targeting became a reality and brands truly fell into the fold. However, I think that was only the spark — we’ll see the explosion in 2011.


  1. What a perfect commentary for the end of the year. You are so right. I’d rather have ads that meant something to me than ones about erectile dysfunction (just not my issue).


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