Email Is Evolving, Not Dying


emailADOTAS – After Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg suggested it earlier this year, the meme about email being on its way to oblivion gained unlikely steam. At the time  I thought it was a ludicrous comment, but of course Facebook was subtly setting the stage for the launch of its Messages hub.

The biggest argument for ringing the email death knell is that the young people aren’t using it! Indeed, comScore’s latest stats on time spent using web-based mail show that 12-17-year-olds are using it 50% less. Stats also dropped for age ranges between 18 and 54. The only people using email more are those above the age of 55.

Rather than marking emails decline, this is more about SMS, instant messaging and other messaging services taking away market share simply because they’re better for quick exchanges. I mean, it’s so much easier to drunk-text an ex-girlfriend rather than email her.

Email has proved to be quite a force in business matters, and the rise of Groupon shows that email is still the most effective medium for digital couponing. Email marketers will tell you business is as good as ever, especially as they embark on social media initiatives.

In addition, Facebook Messages is not killing off email rather than grouping all forms of messaging together — it looks like AOL will attempt something similar with its Project Phoenix revamp. Hell, you can make phone calls through Gmail. Email isn’t dying — it’s evolving.


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